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Camp Moremi and the Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Camp Moremi and the Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Day 3 | 4 December 2007

Woke up again at the crack of dawn. “I was starting to get used to this.”

As promised the night before, the game rangers were taking us for a short game drive. We saw two lions that had been in fight during night. They looked quite tired and looked as if they would not be able to chase me even I stood next to them. I really felt sorry for them but not sorry enough to get off the game vehicle. There where warthog standing right near them, almost teasing the lions, as I am sure they knew that nothing would happen to them. When we got back to the camp there was an awesome brunch waiting for us and then we just lay at the pool and watched the game walking past the camp.

From Duba Plains, we boarded our flight to Camp Moremi in the Moremi Wildlife Reserve.

Moremi Game Reserve

I was quite excited for this as I had been told that the game in the reserve was out of this world and that there was a lot of it. The camp itself is comfortable and the rooms are clean. The food was great and there were really nice people in the camp so, again, a fun evening was had by all.

The game around Camp Moremi was in itself was not as great as I had thought it would be. You are not allowed to go off-road and there are quite a few people doing self-drives in the reserve so the overall experience is not as personal to what I had become accustomed to. But that is probably the spoilt brat coming out in me as we had been to some exceptional camps before. Sundowners on the Deck at Camp Moremi, BotswanaThe sunset at Camp Moremi was unbelievable and now I know why people say that you haven’t lived until you have seen a sunset in Africa. The evening was ended of with a glass of wine around the fire and lots of heated debates once again.

I was becoming quite used to being in the bush and all the pleasures the luxury the camps have to offer. But then again, who wouldn’t!

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