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Xugana Island Lodge, Botswana

Xugana Island Lodge, Botswana

Day 4 | 5 December 2007

Yet again I woke up early. The sound of the Delta is deafening in the morning, deafening but amazing. Today we where off to Xugana Island Lodge, which is situated on an island in the middle of the Delta. We started with a three-hour boat transfer, what an experience. Many times on the way we had to stop for animals, mainly elephants crossing the waterways of the Okavango. They didn’t seem to be too fazed by what I would consider a very rude interruption. The more I got to see elephants up-close, the more I started to see them as quiet regal animals. They are extremely majestic and gentle, in a rather large sort of way.

After speeding through the channels of the Delta we finally arrived in a large lagoon and far in the distance was the lodge. On arrival we where met by the management couple who where the most friendly people I encountered on my whole trip. Mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) trips are one of the hallmarks of a Okavango Delta safari.No request was too much for them and you could just see how much they enjoyed their job. They took such pride in the island and such pride in their staff.

The rooms are small but more than comfortable. They all have balconies that overlook the water and are quite private, even though they are situated very close together. After walking around and exploring the island, I would definitely request room 1 or 2. They have amazing views and are situated by themselves away from the rest of the rooms.

After lunch, which as usual was out of this world, it was rest time. Rest time was becoming my favorite part of the day in Botswana. I headed off to the pool with my book and had a nap while listening to the sounds of nature. I could not believe I was lying at a pool in the middle of the Delta while my poor work colleagues where at the office in a frenzy about something that was meant to be done yesterday, as is always the case in the travel industry. I felt very privileged to be experiencing what I was.

The afternoon activity was a boat ride for an hour or so, and then sundowners on the boat while taking in another amazing sunset. I know I have said it before, but, there is nothing like a sunset in Africa.

All in all, I can highly recommend a visit to Xugana Island. I went through the guest book before I left and noticed Prince Charles had stayed at the lodge for 2 weeks. If it is good enough for royalty then it must be good enough for me. :)

If you’d like to discuss these destinations or any others in Chobe or the Okavango Delta in more detail, why not contact us.

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