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Lauren’s African Bucket List

Lauren’s African Bucket List

Ever since the movie “The Bucket List” hit (where two terminally ill men make a wish list of things to do and see before “kicking the bucket”) it’s got us all reaching for our pencils and making a list of our own…  and here is mine:

My African Bucket List

Hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara… There’s something about the crispness of early morning and the quiet of ballooning that really appeals to me… seeing the sun rise over the plains, watching the game below, and all the while just floating… (I’d stay at Governors' Camp for this one.)

To dive into an azure ocean, and eat prawns on the beach… I’d like to go somewhere remote and untouched, maybe the Quirimbas in Northern Mozambique, which the crowds haven’t found as yet.

To feel the spray of Victoria Falls and drink Pimms & Lemonade to my heart’s content… colonial Africa at its best and no better place to experience this than the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia.

To explore some of the remotest regions of the African continent… a luxury I know – as remote places often equals small planes (thinking Skeleton Coast Safaris), but what could be more exhilarating than landing on a completely deserted beach along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast? 

To own a slice of a vineyard with a postcard-pretty house on it, and spend many lazy days enjoying it… perhaps in the verdant Franschhoek Valley, or somewhere equally perfect.  A girl can dream… but for now the charms of places like Auberge Clermont will have to do.

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