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Monique Dives with the Sharks!

Monique Dives with the Sharks!

To say I was petrified to do the shark dive is perhaps an understatement.  But I put my game face on and off to Gansbaai we went.  I had decided to make the decision to go in the cage only once we were out at sea – this allowed me to stay relatively calm with the build-up prior to arriving at the dive spot. 

We couldn’t have asked for better conditions, the sea was flat, no wind and visibility was great.  We had a great view of the sharks from the boat and we all felt a lot calmer once we got used to our new surroundings. 

The crew were incredibly professional and put no pressure on us to go into the cage.  Once the first batch of divers went in to the cage (my husband included!) I could see that it was very safe so I decided, along with my 11 year old daughter, to take the plunge!

Once we were in the cage the nerves had settled and we were in awe of these magnificent creatures as they literally brushed passed us - they looked so peaceful (not like how they are portrayed in the scary Jaws movie!) and it was the most incredible experience which I can now officially tick off my bucket list!
If you are going to do it, do it right, and do it with Marine Dynamics

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