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Conservation Round Up

Conservation Round Up

A few weeks ago Jaci’s Lodges in the Madikwe Game Reserve announced the birth of 20 Wild Dog pups.  Wild Dog were trans located to Madikwe Game Reserve in 1994 and since then the reserve has carefully watched and fostered the progress of its Wild Dog clans and have gone to great lengths to ensure that maintenance and conservation of the clans.  The African Wild Dog is Africa’s most endangered carnivore and so the birth of these pups is testament to how well Madikwe’s population is doing.

Great Plains Conservation’s Selinda Camp in the Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana, also announced that a litter of Wild Dog have been born.  The camp estimates that there are between nine and eleven pups.  About five weeks ago the alpha female of the Selinda Wild Dog pack denned in an area called Fish Eagles Nest, which is about 25 minutes from Selinda Camp.  At that point all roads leading into the area were closed as part of the conservation effort. Visits to the den involved only limited time spent by a single vehicle at a time near the den in the hope that guests would see the puppies.  It is a very sensitive time for the Wild Dogs so their space is respected through strict viewing protocol in order to minimise any possible disturbances.

After a period of about 8 weeks the Wild Dog pack was disturbed by three of the Reserve’s Lionesses whose tracks led directly to the den.  The Wild Dog pack stayed one step ahead and had moved the puppies further north.  Since then sightings of all the adult Dogs as well as the puppies have been reported as they do what Wild Dogs do best, roam around the home range looking for prey!

Great Plains Tourism and Conservation is an initiative set up to help curb the downward spiral of our threatened natural world by being proactive today, and by applying what they know best.   For further information visit the Great Plains Conservation website.

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