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The Creation of Jaci’s Lodges

The Creation of Jaci’s Lodges

This amazing couple moved over 8000 animals into what was declared the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve.

In line with the Heteren’s commitment to sustainable conservation the species moved included Elephants, Hippos, Spotted Hyena, Lions and the rare and endangered African Wild dog.

Since the introduction of a group of only six highly endangered Wild Dogs into Madikwe Game Reserve in 1994 the dogs have faced a challenging environment due to rabies out breaks, territorial battles and lion attacks.  However, despite all the adversity the Wild Dog is alive and well at the reserve and the reserve proudly boasts three hunting packs and has even introduced dogs from other reserves.

The Wild Dog is a must see animal on your trip to Madikwe Game Reserve and are fascinating to observe. This very energetic and active animal is in stark contrast to the lion that spend most of their days sleeping.  As the dogs are now accustomed to the safari vehicles great viewings and photo shots are possible.

As well as the dedication to save and indeed grow declining species of wildlife, other community based projects have also become part of the fabric of Jaci’s Lodges.   A recycling project within the local community has been formed where waste is separated using a color code system, then compacted into bricks with a special machine and taken to the local recycling depot.  This project runs in parallel with others including the Collect-a-Can initiative, planting trees and the Jaci’s staff trust.

Further evidence of giving back and community support is evidenced by the regular purchase of cookies for the guests enjoyment from the Khayelitsha Cookie Company, a company formed in a Cape Town township that now employs 44 mostly single mothers who also enjoy a 30% share of the company.

Jaci's Lodges is made up of Jaci’s Safari Lodge, followed by Jaci’s Tree House which stands on stilts offering groups, families and couples a wonderful relaxing African bushveld experience.  This unique safari offering is available from Southern Africa Travel, contact us today for further information.

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