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Crocodile Creek - A Great Way to Spend a Few Hours

Crocodile Creek - A Great Way to Spend a Few Hours

What better way to learn about these scary looking pre-historic creatures, than a visit to Crocodile Creek near Ballito, situated in the middle of the Sugar cane fields. By no means a fancy attraction, but nonetheless very interesting and always an adventure for those travelling with children.

Our guide, who looked like the South African version of “Crocodile Dundee” and who only had 4 fingers on each hand (he assured us it wasn’t the crocs that bit them off), started the tour by showing us a smaller croc and spoke about its anatomy, way of capturing and eating its pray, the difference species of crocodiles and much more. Very interesting facts to be learnt about these feared creatures, followed by some rather interesting questions by my 5 year old son Tristan “ Can crocodiles swim in the sea, and if a crocodile had a fight with a sharks who would win” ! funny enough he even answered – “ yes crocs use the surf of the sea to enter river mouths, in deep waters – shark would win, in shallow river waters the croc would”!! Interesting no??

We got to hold the small croc, and feel the different textures of its skin. We then proceeded to visit the larger animals including their 600 kg croc… what a beast!  Demonstrating the feeding and somewhat “docile” behaviour at times… you would definitely not catch me putting my hand in its mouth, docile or not.

A great way to spend a few hours learning about something new....

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