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Fire up for the Bushfire Festival in Swaziland!

Fire up for the Bushfire Festival in Swaziland!

Get ready for the 7th annual Bushfire Festival in Swaziland, a unique international music and arts festival for charity. 

Feel the Bushfire Magic - Bring Your Fire

The Bushfire Festival is not just another festival, there is something special about this family-friendly Swazi event – it’s an inspiring celebration with a magical atmosphere. Maybe its because the Bushfire Festival is a charity event for a greater cause celebrating diverse cultures over just three days!

The magical combination of breath-taking mountain scenery, world-class performances and community upliftment make Bushfire a truly unforgettable experience.

Mountains, Music & Arts for the Family

The Bushfire Fest is held at the House on Fire – a scenic mountainous venue set in the rural Ezulwini Valley of Swaziland. Surrounded by sugarcane fields and flanked by mountains the House on Fire is an unusual and arty place of captivating natural beauty.

The Bushfire Festival has a robust reputation across Southern Africa, for showcasing Africa’s best music and draws a diverse crowd of up to 20 000 people a year. This year Bomba Estereo, a popular Columbian electro-afro band, will be heading the line-up, featuring an eclectic mix of Pan-African and international musicians.

The MTN Bushfire Festival isn’t just about music, also offering festival-goers a great selection of theatrical pieces, poetry performances, circus acts, dance numbers, films screenings and visual arts from across the planet. One of the major strengths of the Bushfire Festival is that it is geared towards the whole family, offering entertainment for everyone.

The Bushfire Spirit - it's for Charity

All proceeds from this non-profit festival are donated to Swazi NGO, Young Heroes; which supports Aids orphans. All profits from merchandise sales go to Gone Rural BoMake, a rural non-profit community development project.

Bushfire raises awareness and funds for social welfare in Swaziland, as well as nurturing arts and culture in this small country and beyond. This socially responsible event boosts the national economy and provides employment for Swazi people, whilst supporting Young Heroes and Gone Rural BoMake.

Getaway Magazine shares its five reasons for going to Bushfire:

  1. Beautiful mountainous landscapes.
  2. Sense of community and inclusivity of the diverse crowd.
  3. It’s for charity - the event is run by a non-profit and supported by volunteers with 100% of the profits going to an NGO (Young Heroes) supporting child-headed households in Swaziland.
  4. For African music - move to the beat of musicians from South Africa, Reunion, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Swaziland, of course.
  5. The friendly local people of Swaziland.

Read the full article - 5 reasons to visit Bushfire Festival 2013 in Swaziland.

Bushfire Fest


Among others, this year’s Bushfire line-up includes:

  • Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla (Niger) and Guy Buttery (South Africa)
  • Big Fkn Gun (South Africa)
  • Black Motion (South Africa)
  • Bomba Estereo (Colombia)
  • Catch the Rain (South Africa)
  • Erik Aliana & Koronga Jam (Cameroon)
  • Jazz P & The Next Generation Band (Mozambique / Swaziland)
  • Nathalie Natiembé (Reunion Islands)
  • Toti (Swaziland)

Take a more detailed look at the Bushfire line up

Do Bushfire in Style - Royal Swazi Sun it

Bushfire is known for its diverse audience and participants, appealing to the young and old alike. Going to Bushfire doesn’t have to entail camping in the dirt. The leading accommodation sponsor for the festival is Sun International, with the Sun International's Royal Swazi Spa situated nearby.

Festival goers can enjoy luxury accommodation combining this African arts feast with world-class facilities, including a casino, a golf course, restaurants and bars, as well as outdoor activities for the entire family. 

On the Firefest Route

This year the Bushfire Festival is part of the newly launched Firefest Route, said to be Africa’s first festival circuit.

The Firefest Route also includes the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Zimbabwe), the Azgo Festival (Mozambique), the BlackMajor Festival (South Africa) and the Safiko Musik Festival (Réunion).

The five festivals run from from April 30 to June 9 combining forces to create the Firefest Route which promotes tourism across the region over this period.

In a Mail & Guardian article, Bushfire director Jiggs Thorne says: 

“With over 20 000 people attending the well-established Bushfire festival annually, newer festivals such as Maputo’s Azgo festival can benefit from the many foreign and international visitors looking to experience events that truly showcase regional talent.”

Some of the performers are participating in all five festivals, such as Bomba Estéreo, The Brother Moves On, Hope Masike and others. The Firefest Route promotes cross-cultural collaboration and helps share the costs of bringing artists to the festivals.

The Firefest Route started with the Harare International Festival of the Arts in Zimbabwe (April 30 to May 5) and Azgo in Mozambique (May 24 to May 26). This weekend sees BlackMajor in South Africa (May 31), followed by the MTN Bushfire Fest in Swaziland (May 31 to June 2), and ending with the Sakifo Musik Festival in Réunion (June 7 to June 9).

Fore more about the Firefest Route read - Bushfire Festival gets a continental shift on the M&G website.

Join Bushfire Fest on Facebook or visit the Bushfire Fest website.

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