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Last Day at Singita Kruger National Park

Last Day at Singita Kruger National Park

Woke up at 5, and this time didn’t go back to bed. Met the group in the main area and went off on a drive. After the drive we were taken to the bush breakfast venue, it is a fixed venue on the banks of the river where we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.

We tried Archery (not as easy as it looks - my arm still hurts), which is also one of the activities that Singita offers. We then went back to the lodge, finished packing our bags and onto Lebombo for a site inspection. After our site inspection, Sheperd took us back to Satara airstrip, for our return flight to Johannesburg or so we thought.

The aircraft was already waiting for us and the pilots hurried us onto the plane. It looked like we were late but we took off at about 13h00. This aircraft was not as nice as the one we had taken on the 7th. It was a Caravan, on board the pilot said we would make a stop at Singita Sabi Sands, we all assumed that it would be to pick up some other clients. On arrival at the Singita Sabi Sands airstrip, we were told to get off as there would be another flight to collect us, they had to go to Ulusaba. So we merely got off and were greeted by a friendly face.

We only waited for a few minutes when a much larger aircraft landed. We then made our trip back to Johannesburg on a Beech 1900 which is a very nice aircraft - leather seats and pressurized.

We landed at Johannesburg at about 15h00, where we were transferred back to the domestic departures terminal and checked in for our return flights home.

I finally made it back to Cape Town after a 1 hour delay in my domestic flight, and was home after my once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience at Singita Kruger National Park.

If you’d like to discuss any of these, or any of the other Singita luxury lodges in the Kruger National Park in more detail, why not contact us.

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