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Luxury Honeymoons in Africa

Luxury Honeymoons in Africa

What could be more exciting than a safari adventure in wonderful Africa?  After all, honeymoons are supposed to be a wonderfully romantic time when you feel the giddy rush of your heart beating faster, and what could get your pulse pounding more than a tour through the heart of Southern Africa?
Imagine the excitement of going off on Big Five safari vacation in the wilderness with the one you love! Drive through wild expanses of nature so beautiful they make you feel as if you are the first and only one to have set foot in the area. Feel the thrill of tracking elephants, hippos, rhinos, big cats and other predators, as well as other exotic fauna, it’s a once in a lifetime experience with guaranteed-to-last memories.

There’s nothing like the rush of finally sighting the magnificent animals you’ve come so far to see; or the excitement of finding the elusive night cats, a herd of elephants, or perhaps the tender, heart-warming sight of a lioness caring for her cubs. Sharing awe-inspiring moments like these make your honeymoon extra-memorable, and you can be sure there will be plenty of these unforgettable moments on a luxury safari in Africa!

Of course, you won’t be spending your entire honeymoon getting dusty and dirty as you travel around the bush in your open-top vehicle; game reserves offer ultra-luxurious villas and lodges with world class Spa facilities.

Blindingly blue skies, breath-taking scenery from horizon to horizon, and perhaps the most stunning sunsets ever to be seen, these are just a few of the things that make Africa the most idyllic destination for a honeymoon. Add to all that, the excitement of a Big Five safari adventure and you’re in for an amazing time!

Contact one our specialists at Southern Africa Travel who can assist you in designing a luxury, tailor-made honeymoon to Africa!

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