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Making a difference with Ulusaba

Making a difference with Ulusaba

The team at Ulusaba are, quite rightly, proud of their two luxury safari lodges and the fact that Sabi Sands Reserve is the oldest private wildlife reserve in South Africa.  But it is their tireless work to make a difference to thousands of lives through their charitable arm Pride 'n Purpose that really adds to an already unique experience.
Often referred to as Sir Richard Branson’s Private Game Reserve, Ulusaba is totally committed to helping disadvantaged communities living close to the Sabi Sands Reserve.  The key philosophy is helping people to help themselves by empowering them through various initiatives such as training and employing local people to work at Ulusaba.  Most of the staff hails from the surrounding villages adding a truly authentic South African hospitality and safari experience for the guests.

Over the past five years, over 300 children have benefited from the five schools that the charitable arm, Pride 'n Purpose, have been responsible for.

Environment and conservation are equally prominent on Ulusaba’s agenda and their commitment to sustainable development is demonstrated through such initiatives as solar powered boreholes and purchasing 70% of their vegetables and fruit from local farmers.

The rapidly shrinking population of Rhino in South Africa is a concern to all and Ulusaba have started Rhino awareness projects in local villages and have an anti-poaching unit fully equipped to defend these magnificent creatures.
Ulusaba creates lifelong memories for its guests,  many of whom cannot resist the temptation to return again and again!  Guests can even request a volunteer safari where you can help out on one the many Pride 'n Purpose projects!

Contact the team at Southern Africa Travel and start planning your memorable African safari, tailored to your needs!

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