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Savuti Safari Lodge, Chobe

Savuti Safari Lodge, Chobe

Day 5 | 6 December 2007

I was starting to get used to my early mornings; in fact I was starting to enjoy them. Today we were off to the Savuti Safari Lodge. This lodge is situated in the North of Botswana, in Chobe and has the most amazing game viewing as it overlooks a watering hole. There is almost no need to go on a game drive; the game literally comes to you.

Two days before we arrived a leopard and attacked an impala in front of all the guests at the watering hole while they where enjoying their sundowners. It doesn’t really get better than that.

I must admit, this was the one lodge where I felt a bit nervous walking around. The lodge manager delighted in telling us stories of how lions walk around the camp day and night and that they are quite friendly. That doesn’t really do it for me. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have never come across a lion I’ve felt the need to pat or stroke! [Ed: Lions and other animals do move freely through this camp, but are NOT tame. Do not attempt to touch any of the wildlife. Please follow the instructions and guidance of the lodge staff and management at all times.]

The lodge itself is really comfortable. The rooms are massive and as usual, the food was out of this world. My last day in Botswana was spent with a very heavy heart. I could not believe I had to enter the real world again. The world of cell phones, responsibility, work, traffic, people, accounts, bills, rent, television - basically I was going back to the jungle.

My time in Botswana had come to an end. What a beautiful country and as I have said, what a privilege to have experienced it. It was a trip I will never forget and a trip that was in a way life changing. Of all the countries I have been to in the world Botswana is the one that stands out the most. Not only for the amazing wildlife and scenery, but the people as well, always willing to help and always smiling.

I will definitely go again and so should you.

If you’d like to discuss these destinations or any others in Chobe or the Okavango Delta in more detail, why not contact us.

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