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After Safari To Do List

After Safari To Do List

Following the incredible wildlife of Africa, such as the Big Five, plus the masterful hippos, elegant giraffes and lighting fast gazelles may be among the most amazing experiences one can have in this magnificent country.  However, after four or five days of searching, (and most likely seeing!) some of these elusive animals, in open top jeeps within the wild and uncompromising bush of Southern Africa  you might consider what is there to do next?

And the answer is Lots and Lots! You should by no means restrict yourself to viewing the animals. There are so many great attractions and experiences you can have that it would be such a shame to spend all your days in the bush! So, just what else can you do on your safari holidays?

Here are just a few ideas:

Hit the Beach
The shores of the warm Indian Ocean are a great way to rest and recuperate after spending time on safari in the wild bush of Africa. Simply relax by soaking up the sun, enjoying the beaches or letting the day lazily pass whilst sipping a cool drink watching fellow holiday makers. The Western Cape’s most popular and trendy beaches are Clifton, Muizenberg and Camps Bay.

However, the Eastern Cape beaches, may be more to your liking? If you're still up for more action and adventure after your wilderness safari you can indulge in water sports such as surfing, or extreme water sports such as paragliding, water skiing and donut riding. The popular beaches of the Wild Coast - such as Port Elizabeth and East London are the perfect spot to visit for these activities.

Wine Wonders
The Cape's wine culture is another greatly relaxing yet deeply satisfying experience to follow up the heady adventure of a Big 5 safari. Drive through the wine country, tasting the rich bounty of the country's vineyards going through Cape Point, Constantia, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, to name but a few. You'll find out just why the wines of South Africa are becoming ever more popular worldwide. Along the way, stop at a few farmhouses and try the artisanal cheeses and other food products - A truly gastronomic experience!

Enjoy Mother Nature
Mother Nature has blessed this great country exceedingly well. You may already have been delighted by the topography you enjoyed on the first leg of your safari holiday, but your senses will be further enhanced and your appreciation deepens, as you explore the other natural wonders of South Africa. Take a hike through the many nature parks and gardens and marvel at the lushness of South Africa's greenery, as well as the amazing diversity of flora and fauna that calls it home. Or just sit and unwind on a restaurant balcony overlooking the horizon, and be inspired by the blazing sunsets that tint the expanse of the land every single day. It's definitely one of the sights that shouldn't be missed!

Stay Longer Next Time
With the richness and diversity of South Africa's natural bounty, culture and history, wilderness safari holidays are just one way of spending your visit to this great country. Come and discover all the wonderful sights, activities and attractions - you'll definitely want to come back and stay longer next time.

To plan your African Safari vacation, tailored to your needs, contact the Southern Africa Travel Team today.

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