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Guest Feedback - Lam Family

Guest Feedback - Lam Family

We are extremely proud to share feedback received from one of our younger guests. Alarisse Lam, from San Diego, travelled to Southern Africa with her older brother, parents and grand parents in June.

Traveling through Southern Africa Travel to Africa was definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far. It all began when we landed in Johannesburg, where there was a person ready to pick us up bearing pre-arranged packages for us that contained all of the information about our trip that we needed to know. They were very friendly and eager to help, and even shared some facts and insights about the city on our drive to the hotel. After a day of settling in, they were back to pick us up the next morning for our flight to Kruger National Park.
We stayed in Tinga Private Game Lodge. Just the experience of the lodge alone was amazing. The exceptionally friendly staff were awaiting our arrival, and were ready to greet us with hand towels, drinks, and refreshments. We sat down overlooking the river as they took care of everything for us. We were lucky enough to be there at the perfect time, as we were the only people at the lodge at the time. It was like having a personal staff 24/7!

Everything about the lodge is beautiful from the view (a lot of times we saw elephants and other animals just across the river from us!), the suites (private hot tub and deck, the shower alone was equipped with bay windows of the river, and heated floors throughout--need I say more?), the pool, the main area, and the entire section of the park that is private to the lodge. We would often times see members of the antelope family just wandering around the lodge, too! The safaris were great, and our trackers seemed to know everything about every animal. Afternoon safaris also had tea time, where we stopped for a bit for refreshments as we watched the sun set. After the night game drive, we would return to the hotel where the staff awaited us with warm towels and dinner.

The food at the lodge was phenomenal. I don't remember having a single meal that didn't satisfy me, and more. It was almost like the kitchen was trying to fatten us up to feed to the lions! We were definitely reluctant to leave, as we embarked for Cape Town.

Our experience in Cape Town was, once again, exceptional. We had a private tour guide who was there for us our entire stay, and was happy to work with us when we wanted to change our schedule around, no matter how last minute. His knowledge about the city was incredible, as he explained to us all about its history to present times--and all the bits in between--during our tour of the beautiful place.

Another aspect of Cape Town, which I would highly recommend to everyone, was the great white shark diving. The program Southern Africa Travel scheduled us with was great: they picked us up early in the morning and brought us out to the site. There, we ate breakfast and were debriefed before we all loaded up onto the boat. The ride out was very quick, and before we knew it we were in the middle of swarming sharks as we climbed into our wetsuits. I will never forget the sight of 10 foot great whites close enough for you to touch. No words can describe it. The cage held 5 people at a time, so we rotated through groups as the time went on, but each person got plenty of time in the water. In total, we saw 11 sharks! Everything about it was awesome and this adventure should be on everyone's bucket list.

After Cape Town we went to Victoria Falls. The Falls are truly beautiful. We took walking tours on both the Zambian side as well as the Zimbabwean side. We also went on a sunset river cruise Southern Africa Travel had set us up with, and helicopter tours in addition to an ultralight tour. It was really great we were able to see it from all these different angles, enriching the experience overall.

In all, Southern Africa Travel took care of us very well, setting up everything seamlessly so that we had nothing to worry about. From drivers to tours, to even someone waiting for us after a flight to walk us to the next terminal for our next flight, they had everything ready perfectly. I would highly recommend anyone to go with Southern Africa Travel for their next trip to Africa. By Alarisse Lam

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