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Kafue National Park - Zambia

Kafue National Park - Zambia

Unbelievably vast, Kafue National Park is about the same size as Wales! And the types of landscapes are very diverse ranging from riverine to wooded to the huge Busanga Plains. Wilderness SafarisThe game viewing at Kafue is fantastic, in the two nights that I was there we were lucky enough to see cheetah, lions, elephant as well as plenty of buck and antelope - we even saw a porcupine which was a first for me!

The birding is also brilliant. Like South Luangwa, Kafue is very undeveloped and it?s a wonderful thing not bumping into another soul on drives. The keyword with Kafue is herds, and you see plenty of them. Again, poaching has in the past been a problem and as a result there are no rhino in the Park, nor are giraffe but for different reasons. Wilderness SafarisAs for the camps in Kafue, Wilderness is absolutely spot on with them - classy but relaxed is the best way I would describe them. Some are a true feat of engineering how they were built in the first place.

The staff are very knowledgeable and the Zambian people that we met were wonderful. I am still wondering how they manage to obtain and keep fresh the food we ate! Overall, no problems in the slightest and I would highly recommend these camps!

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