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Livingstone Island Experience

Livingstone Island Experience

You see the pictures and hear the stories, but nothing truly prepares you for the awesome sight that is the Victoria Falls. David Livingstone exclaimed in 1855 that “scenes so wonderful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight” and he wasn’t exaggerating!

The Livingstone Island experience, operated by Tongabezi, takes you to the place where the famous missionary first laid eyes on this awe-inspiring natural wonder. The tour departs from the Royal Livingstone Hotel where a short (but thrilling) boat ride takes you to the island situated literally at the edge of the falls.

Once on the tiny island you are treated to a guided tour by an energetic guide.  Water rushes past you as you explore the very brink of the cascading falls and (for the more daring) take an exhilarating peek over the edge. Truly heart-stopping stuff!

Depending on the time of year, you will also have the opportunity to swim in the aptly named Devil’s Pool. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, the Devil’s pool is formed by a thin, natural ledge that reduces the current and keeps swimmers from being swept over the edge. This activity is only offered in low water when conditions are deemed safe. In our case, we were offered a swim in the alternative “Jacuzzi”, which to me seemed just as nerve-racking!

We booked the lunchtime tour and sitting at the table soaking up the view of the roaring falls only a few metres away, I kept pinching myself!  Few people get the chance to enjoy a scrumptious three-course lunch with a view like this…

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