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Wilderness Camps in Kafue National Park

Wilderness Camps in Kafue National Park

While I was in the Kafue National Park, I visited four Wilderness camps. I would recommend all of them, although the levels of ?rustic-ness? varies there is something for everyone and they range from premier to more classic camps. Overall, I would say my overarching impression of all these camps is ?classy, but relaxed perfect for a great bush experience.

Lunga, Kafue National Park

Wilderness SafarisLunga is about a five minute drive from the airstrip where you would fly in from South Luangwa - it is one of Wilderness’ Classic Camps but funny enough was one of my favourites. The area is far greener and leafier than most parts of the park, and the camp is right on the lovely flowing Lunga River.

The six rooms are rondavel style and simply furnished, each with a little deck. There is a central green with a little pool and then elevated over the river is the bar and dining area. The good thing about this lodge is they offer both game and river activities (they have a little boat) and fishing is also an option. The Lunga lodge is suitable for families because of the accommodation and it seems more protected from the game than some of the other lodges.

Shumba, Kafue National Park

Wilderness Safaris By far the most upmarket of all of the Kafue lodges - Shumba is truly stunning!

To access it, you would fly into Kafue (close to Lunga lodge) and then take a twenty minute helicopter flight. Really, this flight is one of the highlights of the trip and the pilot, Mike, goes very low and you can see the herds running below you which is amazing!
Luxury Tent at Shumba in Kafue, Zambia. ? 2007 Gregg Hughes, Wilderness SafarisThe lodge has six tents all separated by elevated walkways leading to the main bar/dining area. The tents are very spacious and again are luxurious given the surroundings.

The main lodge is much roomier than the other dining/sitting areas of the other camps and the deck is large, with a little plunge pool, overlooking the Busanga Plains. It really is a gorgeous lodge and we had a wonderful time with the managers, guide and other staff there.

Kapinga, Kafue National Park

Very similar to Shumba and also a Premier Camp, but more intimate with only four tents, identical to those at Shumba. Kapinga has the same type of landscape with the plains but immediately around the eating/sitting area it is wooded and a little more romantic in style.

There is also a very secluded little plunge pool. This would be a great camp for honeymooners or anyone looking for a more romantic retreat in Zambia.

Busanga, Kafue National Park

Very much a bush lodge, Busanga is a Classic Camp. Much more rustic than any of the other camps that I visited, but still the tradmark Wilderness style and standard.

That said, if you are nervous about the bush, this might not be the best accommodation option for you as it does feel the most vulnerable. Also, there is a fairly resident pride of lions very close by (which scared me to death!). There are only four tents which are smaller than many of the other lodges but still a reasonable size. Each has a little deck overlooking the plains. The bathrooms are completely open to the sky which is very attractive but given that there are predators in the immediate area, my understanding is that that will be changing that shortly. The lodge has a small but comfortable dining/sitting area.

If you’d like to discuss any of these, or any of the other accommodation options in Kafue National Park in more detail, why not contact us. blog.

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