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Wilderness Safaris Zambia

Wilderness Safaris Zambia

In October, I had the opportunity to explore Zambia as part of a recce to check out the new Wilderness safari camps.

Wilderness Safaris Zambia is a fairly new operation and Zambia itself is not yet as well known or requested as much as many of the other southern African destinations. This of course has its pros and cons - on the one hand it is unbelievably pristine and has an ‘undiscovered’ air about it and on the other it can be a little pricey. Still, it?s well worth exploring just for the sheer magnitude and diverse scenery and wildlife.

Access to these remote areas is most typically by private air transfer from Lusaka. There really is no self-drive option to the National Parks in Zambia due, in the most part, to the roads (which can be very bad) and the large distances involved. Lusaka is accessible by air directly from Johannesburg, London, Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi and Livingstone, you can also fly from Amsterdam (via Nairobi).

During my time there we visited the South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks. I will post more detail about these shortly.

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