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Meru National Park Luxury Holidays

Meru National Park is a hidden jewel in Kenya’s crown. It is one of the least visited and most beautiful of Kenya’s game and nature reserves and thus offers you quite an exclusive experience. This is the land of Joy Adamson’s lioness, Elsa from the book and movie ‘Born Free’. Raised by Joy and George Adamson, Elsa was trained to hunt and then returned to the wild in the 1950’s. Their work raised the profile of animal conservation enormously in the international community.

An arid landscape that is revived by 13 rivers and streams branching out from the Tana River, this exclusive Park is best known for being a Rhino Sanctuary. If you are at all curious about these strange and enigmatic creatures, Meru offers you the best chance of seeing them in their natural habitat. This is of course along with a range of other mammals such as elephant, buffalo and giraffe as well as Africa’s mighty predators the lion, leopard and cheetah. Luxury accommodation is available in the park along with exclusive game viewing opportunities.

Take the chance to view some rare animals such as the reticulated giraffe, Lesser Kudu and Africa’s smallest antelope, the Dik Dik. Birders will also delight in the spectacle of more than 350 bird species living in this region. The diverse vegetation including riverine stretches, open plains and wooded grasslands stretches from the slopes of the Nyambeni Mountain Range, northeast of Mount Kenya to the Tara River. Hippo and crocodile abound in the rivers so keep a sharp eye out for them when on a fishing safari in Meru.

Day excursions from this region include visits to Kora National Park where you will find George Adamson’s camp and lush green oases shaded by Doum palms. The seemingly random ‘islands’ that you will spot on the plains are in actual fact isolated rock outcrops that have become covered in vegetation, known as the Inselbergs. This is a great destination in which to spot the African wild dog as well as striped and spotted hyenas.

Combine a visit to this beautiful park with a tour of Kenya’s other major attractions, the sheer diversity of what is on offer is amazing.

Meru National Park is best known for:

Elsa the Lioness

Meru was the home of George and Joy Adamson, who came to fame for their research on African lions. They adopted Elsa as a baby and later reintroduced her into the wild in this region. The moving book and movie, ‘Born Free’ brought international attention to the beauty and diversity of the Meru National Park.

Rhino Sanctuary

This spacious reserve is home to more than 60 rhino in total (40 of them being white rhino) as well as their offspring. Meru National Park is the best place to view these extraordinary animals in their natural habitat.

Off the beaten track:

Visit Adamson’s Falls

On a day trip into the Koru National Park to visit George Adamson’s camp and gravesite stop in at the Adamson Falls. The water meanders all the way from the Aberdare forest towards the Indian Ocean and in Koru bound over rocks to create this amazing spectacle.

Featured Meru National Park Accommodation

Elsa’s Kopje

Elsa’s Kopje
Style: Lodge

From USD $528

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