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Swakopmund Guesthouse

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A delightful luxury accommodation base from which to explore the surrounding attractions of Swakopmund and Namibia, the Swakopmund Guesthouse caters for upmarket travellers. Using wood, stone and natural colours in furnishing and fittings, this guesthouse promises an elegant respite from the heat of the day. Only a short distance from the beach and situated in the city centre, the luxury Guesthouse is a great family destination. 

Enjoy the scrumptious breakfast buffets, served in the airy lounge, giving you energy for a day of adventure activities and exploration. The eco-friendly approach taken by the upmarket Swakopmund Guesthouse must be commended; they make good use of solar energy and recycled water in the gardens.

The rooms are spacious and modern with all the amenities you could expect and you will sleep in comfort on the crisp, white linen sheets. The modern décor is soothing and colours are soft; the use of natural materials such as beach pebbles and driftwood all add to the experience of being close to the ocean. The staff at this luxury accommodation establishment will go out of their way to ensure that you have a comfortable stay. Promising personalised service and high luxury levels, the Swakopmund Guesthouse is premier choice of accommodation for those looking for a luxury Namibian vacation.