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Skeleton Coast Camp

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You can only reach the spectacular Skeleton Coast Camp by plane; this exclusive luxury camp is set in close on 300 000 hectares of the beautiful Skeleton Coast National Park. When you choose to stay here you are choosing an exclusive safari experience that promises an escape from it all.

Revel in the diversity of landscapes from undulating sand dunes, windswept plains to the towering canyons and saltpans in the Park. You will sleep in luxury tents placed on wooden platforms, attractively furnished using local materials. The main area of the camp offers you a central lounge, bar and dining area with uninterrupted views of the vast desert surroundings. Enjoy the delicious cuisine served up under the shelter of a twisted Leadwood tree at this luxury hideaway. 

In this exclusive Park, some activities can only be undertaken by foot so as not to disturb fragile eco-systems. You will therefore get up close and personal with the diverse fauna and flora of this area. Soak up the spectacular scenery when you go on nature drives and walking trips. Visit the clay castles of the Hoarusib River, pop in at Himba Villages to meet the locals and come across the rare sight of oases in the desert. Guides will discuss with you over dinner the activities available the next day.

You will see a variety of game around the luxury lodge including antelope, the desert-adapted elephant, giraffe and occasionally lion and cheetah. Children over the age of eight are welcome at the lodge.