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Frégate Private Island

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Frégate Island invites you to an exclusive, luxury retreat set in one of the most beautiful regions of the world, the island groupings around Seychelles. Offering a very private and upmarket experience in luxuriously appointed beach villas all set on the pristine, soft white sand beach, the services of a dedicated butler, an opportunity to unwind in spacious beds, on teak decks and in the hands of the trained masseuses of the Rock Spa, this island luxury lodge awaits you.

With only 16 villas all designed and located for maximum privacy on an island that does not allow day visitors, you can explore this tropical paradise at your own leisure and in your own pace. Take walks or hikes around the island; get onto or underneath its warm Indian Ocean waters and sink into the air of relaxation and simple luxury that touches every aspect of Frégate Island.

Spoil yourself with unique spa treatments and indulge in the very fine wines on offer as well as the abundance of great food that emanates from the kitchens of this upmarket resort. You will sleep like a baby in king-sized beds to the soothing sounds of palm trees waving in the wind and the gentle tides lapping on the shore.