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Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve Luxury Holidays

Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve is a large and untouched expanse of immaculate wilderness. This private reserve in the South East of Zimbabwe is home to the big five, as well as a diverse array of other species, many of them endangered and unlikely to be spotted in other parts of Africa.

The landscape here is varied, ranging from rocky outcrops, many of them adorned with stone-age rock paintings - over 100 sites recorded - to savannah punctuated with baobabs and mopane forests.

The local communities are included in the running and development of the Reserve, providing a source of livelihood for all and access to improved healthcare and education.

The "Call of the Leopard"

Malilangwe, meaning “Call of the Leopard”, is a reserve with diverse ecologies full of animals big and small.  It truly is a destination to take your time and enjoy every wildlife encounter.  There are only two safari lodges located within the Reserve making it the perfect choice to truly chill out and relax whilst listening to the ambient hum of the bush.

The 'Little Six', Caracals and Aardvarks

As well as the Big Five, Malilangwe have the “Little Six”, which is six species of small beautiful antelope (klipspringer, Sharpe’s grybok, grey duiker, steenbok rare Livingstone’s suni and oribi).  There is also the opportunity to spot some rarely seen shy animals such as the endangered and nocturnal aardvark, painted hunting dogs (African wild dogs - also the focus of conservation efforts) and one very striking member of the cat family -  the caracal, or lynx - with it's long, curved ears which can resemble a pair of horns.

Birders Paradise

Malilangwe is also a haven for birds with over 400 different species and one of the highest concentrations of large breeding eagles in the world.  There are 14 different species of eagles within the reserve but unlike the large mammals who reside all year round, the birds come and go.  In February huge colonies of tiny guelea arrive to nest in their thousands, June sees the purple rollers arrive from Mozambique and in November woodland kingfishers arrive from West Africa.  Amongst the team of Malilangwe guides are some highly respected bird experts.

The cool dry season runs from April to August providing almost completely dry, sunny weather with average temperatures in the mid 70’s°F to the low 80’s°F.  By late June the leaves have started to fall from the trees and the grasses have been trampled by the game making for prime game-viewing.  From September to November during the hot dry spell game viewing is at its peak, especially in the cool of early morning and early evening.

The rainy season is from November to March when it rains about one out of every five days.  After thunderstorms the sun emerges and humidity and heat is high.

Featured Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve Accommodation

Singita Pamushana

Singita Pamushana
Style: Lodge

From USD $798

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