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Philanthropy, Sustainable Tourism & Travel

At Southern Africa Travel we are committed to changing lives through travel. Africa’s scenery, big skies, wildlife and warm-hearted people can ignite a spark that makes you feel truly alive. And as much as travel has the power to change you, so your travels can make a meaningful contribution to the lives of people in the countries that you visit.

What We Do

We are involved with a number of philanthropic organisations, but three in particular lie close to our hearts. The first, Uthando (Love) South Africa, is a Cape Town-based NGO that supports a broad range of community projects. Then there's the Pack for a Purpose initiative which is encapsulated in its slogan: “Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact.”. And most recently we launched our Travel with a Purpose programme for more hands-on involvement in community and conservation projects. 

  • Partner with responsible tourism organisations that are doing great work uplifting local communities
  • Make a per person donation to Jikeleza Dance for every client the travels with us (find out more about Jikeleza

What You Can Do

  • Book a cultural tour or private daytrip through our partner Uthando South Africa
  • Find out what useful supplies you can bring on your travels through Pack for a Purpose
  • Get involved in a conservation or community project supported by Travel with a Purpose

All you need to do is tell your African travel specialist which of the above most interests you, and she will suggest ways to build it into your itinerary. 

Uthando South Africa

Uthando South Africa

We support Uthando because of their consistent commitment to community upliftment through a whole range of projects from micro farming to education centres, dance schools and choirs. It gives one such hope to see all the grassroots initiatives taking place across Cape Town's informal settlements.

Read a blog post about three of the inspiring projects supported by Uthando

Pack For a Purpose

Pack For a Purpose

The concept behind Pack for a Purpose is that by saving just a few kilos of space in your suitcase you can bring much-needed supplies to areas that you visit. You'll be able to see the exact items requested by local communities, their needs ranging from pencils and art supplies for rural schools to bandages and baby blankets at health clinics.  

Travel With a Purpose

Travel With a Purpose

Our Travel with a Purpose initiative partners with organisation in 3 main areas: Volun-Tourism, Edu-Tourism and Eco-Tourism. There are many different ways to help out from spending a morning at a local school to working in a vegetable garden. You'll gain memorable travel experiences while making a positive impact in the destinations that you visit. 

Read a blog post that takes a closer look at our Travel with a Purpose programme.