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Travellers’ Feedback & Reviews

At Southern Africa Travel we take great time and effort in planning unique safari holidays: picking just the right lodges, ensuring smooth-running logistics, arranging transfers and activities (and much, much more). As passionate travellers ourselves we can’t help but get excited about these incredible trips that we put together, and love hearing back from our clients once they’re safely home in their own countries.

Take a look at some of our recent feedback, accommodation reviews and safari highlights.

Southern Africa Travel on SafariBookings

Southern Africa Travel on SafariBookings

Southern Africa Travel is listed on; an online travel resource used to compare and book African safaris.

Once clients have travelled with us, we work with SafariBookings to collect their feedback. This has led to our 5-star rating and many a glowing review. 

We never expected it to work so perfectly … but it did. Thank you.

Posted  |  Review by , Belgium  |  Travelled in November 2016

Hi Monique,

We completed our tour successfully and it was a wonderful experience. Everything worked like a swiss clock and we have nothing to complain about.

All flights were fine - we arrived on time and could use our extra day for a daytrip to Victoria Falls. The bush flights were fine, just one was an operational mistake as the plane had space for 5 and we were 6 … So the pilot flew the 4 others to Maun first, and picked us up later for a direct transfer to Savute. We did not miss any activity as this was just happening over the long lunch break.

A short ranking from us:

  • Chobe Game Lodge - stands out in everything. Very much to see and a good combination of drives and boat rides.
  • The camps are very different. Camp Moremi was the oldest, but the staff was the friendlies and happiest of all. They made up for it. Wildlife was very good - not as big in numbers as in Chobe but really good.
  • Camp Okavango was the best camp as it is brand new from April 2016 - but there is not much to see because you sit low in the boat and the grass is high. Sometimes we saw an elephant or two making their way through the grass to the water. The walking safari is nice, but not much to see besides the on spot education in animal poo ...
  • Leroo la Tau I liked best for the view from the “tent” and the landscape overall. Upon arrival the river banks were loaded with zebra and wildebeest - wonderful to watch. That night it rained and the next morning nobody of them was home … The drives were a bit the same - as there are not so many different roads. Besides Blondie and Blackie not a lot new to discover. Transportation was in a car with six, but only two seating rows, so the guys in the middle seat were disadvantaged. We mentioned this to the guide and did not want to go on the last drive. So he left with 4 people and we hang around in the lodge, but management came and offered us another guide and car for the two of us. So they acted accordingly and made us happy again.
  • Savute Safari Lodge was a nice accomodation - but the staff was different. They were not as happy and friendly as in the other camps. It is nicely situated at the waterhole and one can see a lot during the day and at dinner time. The drives and the landscape are a good variation, but it is a bit crowded, as a lot of private cars drive around and there is also Belmond close by. Everybody listens to the radio and hurries for the animal spot.

Yes - we are very happy with the trip - the choice of lodges / camps - your personal involvement in getting the trip together.

We will (and have already) recommend you and your organisation as much as we can.

And lastly, we never expected it to work so perfectly … but it did. Thank you.

Best regards from 2 happy customers - will see what you can do for us in 2017.

Erich & Danielle

We enjoyed every minute of it

Posted  |  Review by , Germany  |  Travelled in September 2016

Dear Monique, 

That was the most incredible and best organised vacation we ever had. Thank you so much. From the beginning (Malcolm awaiting us at CPT Airport) till the end (Chobe Princess staff taking us to Kasane Airport) everything went as smooth as silk and exceeded expectations. We enjoyed every minute of it and are relaxed and full of memories now, just as it should be.

It is most unfortunate that we will not be able to afford something like that again. But if we should win the lottery we will get back to you and book another vacation with you. We didn´t have to worry about anything and spent our time simply enjoying life. Thank you. 

Warm regards,
Sylvia and Hermann Honnacker

Everything was perfect

Posted  |  Review by , United States  |  Travelled in June 2016

Dear Monique,

It has taken me a while to send you a thank you for the wonderful job you did with a trip for my daughter Katie Dhuey and her husband Dan Melin. It was so wonderful and totally organized. We didn’t have anything to worry about. All the services were great. Our driver Steve on the Cape couldn’t have been nicer.  Everything was perfect. I have become spoiled and want to travel like this all the time. 

I have made a 30 minute DVD of our trip and have shown it to many people. All are wanting to go to South Africa after seeing my video.

Thanks again,
Sandra Dhuey

The entire trip was beyond my expectations

Posted  |  Review by , United States  |  Travelled in September 2016

Hello Robyn-Lea,

Yes we made it back safely and I’m finally back on Eastern Standard Time :). I want to thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for me. The DaVinci was lovely with terrific service and Idube was divine! Thank you so much for booking us in a suite - all the other guests were so jealous when we had elephants (and one day a leopard) drinking out of our pool!!

The drivers to every destination were polite and very efficient, some even arriving early to make sure we stayed on schedule :). And thank you so much for suggesting the Panorama Tour. It was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen, truly a spiritual experience for me. The game drives were terrific. I was privileged enough to see both lions and leopards mate, and even witnessed four female lions hunt and kill a buffalo!

The entire trip was beyond my expectations, which I admit were pretty high :). The only complaint I have which is totally out of your control, is that I was not impressed with South African Airlines that I booked. The next time I fly to South Africa (yes I do plan on coming back :)) I will probably book British Airways via London.

Other than that, it was a trip of a lifetime and again thank you so much for booking a beautiful journey that I will have fond memories of always.

Warm regards,

The trip was great!

Posted  |  Review by , United States  |  Travelled in August 2016

Hi Monique,

The trip was great! Everything went well including all the lodges, all the logistics and transfers etc. We really liked all of the stops and will recommend to our friends. 

Matt & Olivia

the trip, thanks to your knowledge and experience, was superb

Posted  |  Review by , Singapore  |  Travelled in August 2016

Dear Monique,

As you know we had a wonderful experience with this trip. We are highly experienced travellers because we have been living abroad for more than 17 years and we have had the opportunity to travel around our "temporary" countries of residence. However, in terms of "serious" safaris this was our second experience.

Our intention was to plan this trip to be comfortable and with some luxury included. The final result of the trip, thanks to your knowledge and experience, was superb. It is usual in such long trips and with so many national and international transfers, that something can fail either on the land or the air transfers but this time the logistics were spotless.

Regarding the accommodation (hotels and lodges) and the type of accommodation (type of room) all of them were excellent choices. We were very pleased with the service, food and decor of each selection.
All the activities booked through you were honored correctly and they were fun and enjoyable.

One of the most important part of the trip was the game drives or river cruises since that was the main porpuse of the trip. All of them were amazing!. We came fully satisfied and happy with every single game drive or cruise. We were very lucky also with our rangers and guides; they were all very professional but also warm.

We thank you for the job so well done that provided us with wonderful pictures and amazing memories. We came back with a longer wishlist and if we are able to follow our road map, we might go back next year to Africa and explore it's endless amazing places. Of course, we will contact you again if that plan becomes firm.

Warm Regards,

I’m so glad I found you to help me with the planning of our trip.

Posted  |  Review by , United States  |  Travelled in July 2016


We had a wonderful trip!! All connections were perfectly smooth. Dave and I were both extremely impressed with the charter air service in Namibia - pilots so friendly, take-offs and landings exactly when scheduled and snacks on the planes as well :)

All lodgings were fantastic. I have to say it's hard for me to pick between Tswalu and Hoanib as my favorite. Believe it or not, by some stroke of luck, I think we saw the most animals at Hoanib! The friendliness of staff, menus, and level of service were beyond my expectations.

Tswalu is truly an amazing "experience". We had an excellent tracker and guide team. Emanuel was a fantastic host, and all the staff repeatedly bent over backwards to offer assistance.

Hoanib is extremely unique and very well run. I can hardly believe they've only been up and running for 2 years. It may be more desert than some first time visitors are looking for, however, I personally loved it and felt like I was on Mars :) Seeing all the hundreds of seals charging towards the skeleton coast was a thrill for me, along with seeing the desert sands w/ garnet dust spread across. Amazing.

The lodging at Little Ongava was incredible. I don't rave about the overall experience as much because I was less impressed by their meals and it was a little odd for us as we were the only guests there at the time. We loved our guide, Ben. Animal sightings were a little slim during our time there, but he did his very best to find us something exciting to see every day. I have no complaints there.

We had a wonderful two days in beautiful Cape Town. Our guide, Noel, was fun and very chatty, filling us in on all sorts of interesting S. Africa facts. We spent a day driving around the coast and another visiting wine country. BTW, a sommelier at the Saxon gave us excellent recommendations for which wineries to visit. Very helpful and nice hearing from a local expert!

The Saxon was an incredible "welcome" to S. Africa. What a beautiful place and our meal was fantastic.

Tanya, I'm so glad I found you to help me with the planning of our trip. I had reached out to a few of the bigger travel agencies, but you were the first to reach out and I was very impressed that you personally called me so soon after receiving my inquiry.

We definitely hope to return to Africa, perhaps in 3-4 more years, and with our 2 daughters next time. We would both love to see Botswana next!!!

Many thanks for all your wonderful assistance. It was truly a trip of a lifetime. 

All the best,
Ann Fisher (and Dave)

The trip was absolutely fantastic

Posted  |  Review by , New York, USA  |  Travelled in July 2016

Hi Nicky,

First and foremost thank you for all your help and patience when planning our trip to South Africa. The trip was absolutely fantastic and we are extremely grateful to you. I have already offered to give your name to my friends contemplating a similar trip.

Tanda Tula: This tented camp is simply fantastic! The tents are luxurious - king beds, bathroom with double sink, tub and outdoor shower. Even the sheets were heated at night since it was your winter. The staff bends over backwards to please. Chef Ryan is amazing - the food fresh and delicious, he accommodated my eating only vegetables and certain fish with a smile and made me feel special as he did another guest with stringent dietary needs. The tracker and guide (JV and Glen) were wonderful. We got not only to see the big 5 but they went out of their way to make each and every sighting special. Laundry was included which is a real necessity and totally appreciated. I HIGHLY recommend Tanda Tula.

Kapama Karula: This lodge is beyond 5 star! If anything the suites are too luxurious - each has a private plunge pool which is heated, a sitting area, a king bed, gorgeous bathroom area and indoor and outdoor shower. The food for the most part is very good except for the outdoor barbque dinners (2 out of 3 nights) which was for the most part recycled food from previous meals with no real allowance for my dietary needs. The rest of the meals were very good, well prepared with plenty of options. The tracker and guide (Mornay and Edwin) were superb. They went out of their way not only to show us the game but to instruct us on the plants and birds. They were exceptional!

All transfers you arranged were perfect and the guide in Cape Town was fine. We stayed at the 12 Apostles: the hotel is lovely and the restaurant excellent. We also had dinner at Cape Grace which was wonderful as well.

We loved South Africa. Everyone we met was friendly, welcoming and warm. We cannot say enough how much we enjoyed your country and its people.

Thank you for all your help.


hotels were all fantastic & our experience at each place was unique

Posted  |  Review by , Malaysia  |  Travelled in July 2016


Thanks for the email. We had a great trip and loved the tour you designed for us. The hotels were all fantastic and our experience at each place was unique. Delia was very sweet to call ahead to Jock Lodge for us and get us with Lazarus as a guide. We really had a great time.

Realizing that this was a custom tour for us, and you changed the routing from the normal at our request, the only very small issue for us was the long travel day from the Zambezi Queen to Jock Lodge. While everything ran very smoothly and there was no problem with the transfers, it was a long day through 4 countries. We know this was our choice to do, so this is not criticism of the tour. If, in the future others decide to do this direction perhaps having guests fly from Kasane through Joburg to Skukuza might be easier - although may add to the cost. This really is a small thing, and did not detract from our experience.

We are in Cape Town now and Delia was very kind to give us some numbers to call for wine tours. We will be doing that today. Again, thanks for all your help and organization. Everything ran very smoothly and we will be recommending you to our friends.

Stephen Sweet

will definitely refer to friends and family!

Posted  |  Review by , Singapore  |  Travelled in June 2016

Hi Monique,

Thanks again for your guidance and services. Was a great trip, and my parents and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and will definitely refer to friends and family! Thanks so much.

Yu Minjie